Welcome to the web interface of SAMNet, or Simultaneous Analysis of Multiple Networks. This tool should help you analyze multiple gene expression datasets with upstream data. You can select from the examples we've provided below or enter your own files. Please read the tutorial for information on how to format your files.

Source Weights File (e.g. protein/genetic weights)

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Note: Protein node names must be consistent with protein node naming in the interactome or protein-mRNA weights file. To use the interactomes provided, please use UNIPROT entry names or HUGO/HGNC gene names.

Sink Weights File (e.g. mRNA weights)

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Protein-protein Interaction File

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Connecting mRNA weights to interactome

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1. Gosline S.J.C., Oh C., Fraenkel E. (2015) SAMNetWeb: identifying condition-specific networks linking signaling and transcription, Bioinformatics, 31(7): 1124-6.

2. Gosline S.J.C., Spencer S.J., Ursu O., Fraenkel E. (2012) SAMNet: a network-based approach to integrate multi-dimensional high throughput datasets, Integrative Biology, 4:1415-27.


Any questions or issues please contact Sara Gosline at: sgosline _at_ mit _dot_ edu.

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